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The philosophy at AFA is simple: Do the thing that gives you the best chance of winning. The hard part is figuring out what the chances of winning are for your various options. If you knew that, making the right decision would be easy. That's where AFA comes in.

Analytics helps squeeze that extra 1% out of every play of every drive of every game. Before you know it, those extra percentage points can turn an average team into a wildcard team, a good team into a great team, and a great team into a champion. AFA's brand of analytics has a single-minded focus--winning. If it doesn't help your team win, it's a waste of everyone's valuable time.

AFA helps your team win by helping you make better decisions, from the personnel office to the sidelines to the huddle. Adding an analytic approach to your team's decision process clarifies your goals, options, and risks. It makes hidden and implicit assumptions explicit. It ultimately arms decision makers with the best, most relevant information available. Analytics helps you win.

AFA offers a variety of tools and services to teams seeking an edge. Perhaps your organization is ready to adopt analytics, but not sure where to start. AFA can point you in the right direction and help you cut through the confusing clutter and academic jargon surrounding such a broad topic. There's a lot of voices claiming to offer novel football analytic approaches, and AFA can help separate the imitators from the real thing.

Maybe your team already has an analyst or two, but their time could be better spent. Why have them reinvent the wheel? You can save man-years of labor and tens of thousands of dollars by using AFA's cutting-edge tools and models, and your analysts' time can be better spent on timely projects important to your organization. Only AFA features the research by analytics pioneer Brian Burke.


Win Probability 2.0 Model

The WP model is the single-most useful analytic tool available in all of football. Direct applications include sideline decisions such as clock management, 4th downs, onside kicks, two-point conversions. Other applications include strategic game planning and player valuation. The WP model is not based on theories and assumptions, but on outcomes of actual NFL games. This is the next-generation version of the model, widely trusted and considered the standard throughout the league.

Expected Points Model

AFA's ground-breaking Expected Points model made modern football analytics a reality. It offers a window into what truly drives wins and losses. Applications include decision analysis, play calling optimization, and much more. You simply can't do football analytics without a good EP model, and this is the best, most proven model available. 

The 'WOPR' Game Simulator

Simulation offers some of the most penetrating insights into the sport. It's a complex game and although simulation relies on many assumptions, it is sometimes the best way to answer tough questions, especially outside the box questions. When should a team up by less than a field goal start its four-minute offense? When is a challenge worthwhile? Should an offense in game-winning field goal range kick now or  keep driving, risking a turnover? The WOPR answers questions like these and more.

Draft Analysis Tool

Will the player you want be available at your pick, or do you need to trade up? What about trading down? If a second-tier player at a position of need will still be available at your third pick, you can use your second on another position. This tool will help you forecast the twists and turns of the draft, and give your decision-makers the visibility they need to make the best choices.



Test the analytic waters by enlisting AFA to do spot analysis of single high importance game decisions or large detailed reports of tendencies. If there's a theory or idea you want to test before you try it on Sunday, AFA can break it down.


Become more familiar with modern football analytics. Learn the tools and applications. AFA will cut through the jargon and nonsense to help your organization build a productive analytics shop.


Learn more about how analytics can help your organization get an edge over the competition. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.