About the Founder

Brian Burke
Reston, Virginia

Brian is a football fan and closet math enthusiast. He has a BS in aerospace engineering and an MS in management and leadership. After spending 15 years in the Navy, most of them as an F/A-18 carrier pilot, Brian has taken up the less dangerous hobby of advanced NFL statistics.

Originally from Baltimore, Brian spent his youth either on the sidelines of Maryland Terrapin football games or in 50-yard line seats at Colts games, both thanks to his dad. His football career topped out playing tight end for the Towson High Generals. His only college football experience was playing in the Naval Academy's annual "2.7" game, an intramural game that featured the "geeks" vs "rocks" divided by the Academy's average GPA. You can guess which team Brian played for.

After graduating from Annapolis in the Class of '93, Brian attended flight school and went on to fly the F/A-18C Hornet until leaving the Navy. He attended the Naval Postgraduate School and returned to Annapolis as an instructor. Brian flew 21 combat missions and was awarded the Air Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal, and numerous other personal and unit commendations.

He now resides with his family in northern Virginia.

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