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You can contact Brian by email at Questions about the content of the posts are best as comments. All comments get read, and those with questions often get a quick response.

I'm always amazed at the overwhelming response this site has received. I appreciate all the feedback. Please keep it coming--the good and the "constructive." While I don't want to discourage anyone from writing me, I'd like to encourage everyone to use the site comments feature for any items you think might be of interest to other readers. You may get a answer to your question quicker from another reader than from me. Also, my spam filter can trap some comments and emails, so I apologize if you haven't received a response.


Where did you get your data?

Most of my team data comes from open online sources such as,,, and It's easy for anyone to grab whatever they're interested in from those sites.

My play-by-play data comes from a source that's not publicly available, and at this time I regret that I cannot share it. However, I have been able to create a database of nearly all NFL plays since 2002 free for anyone to use for research.

Why don't you do predictions Against The Spread (ATS)?

While I don't object to gambling, it doesn't really interest me. I realize a lot of football fans are interested in it, and I'm happy if anything here helps inform fans of all kinds. I do however use Vegas odds and spreads as consensus yardsticks for my own models, and sometimes it's fun to see if some math can beat "the system." I just lack that gene for risk, and cheering for my favorite team is excitement enough for me.

I heard you're not a math professor or professional statistician, but actually a former Navy fighter pilot. Is that true?

Yes. I flew F/A-18 Hornets off carriers. The Navy sent me to graduate school where I picked up a knack for analytics. Only now do I realize that much of the combat tactics we used as pilots were derived using the same analytical techniques I use for my football research.

Why aren't you working for a team?

I'm very reluctant to relocate my family. I often do freelance consulting for NFL teams and media outlets.

What's it like flying an F/A-18?

The best way I ever heard someone describe flying a fighter plane was this: It's like simultaneously racing in the Indianapolis 500 while playing a video game and holding two telephone conversations...all while people are shooting at you. Then the hard part begins--landing on a pitching carrier deck. In reality flying a plane is a true team sport. Thousands of brave sailors and everyone else who supports them. I was very fortunate to be part of such a great organization as the United States Navy.

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