Player IQ by Position

Data visualization expert Ben Fry created some great graphs of each NFL position's average Wonderlic scores. Quarterbacks, centers, and offensive tackles tend to be the smartest while running backs and receivers average sub-100 IQs. The data came from this ESPN Page 2 article. Both links offer some interesting observations and comparisons. ESPN even offers you the opportunity to test yourself.

Ignore the "Read more" link. That's it.

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1 Responses to “Player IQ by Position”

  1. Chuck Winkler says:

    It's funny - this is how I always ranked NFL positions as over/under rated. The Intelligence test fits perfectly.

    The topic is old so it may not be seen for a response, but do you have access to the kinds of questions asked? Looking through the test would give a better understanding to how relevant this is to certain positions.

    Also, the skill set of defensive players is probably based more on EQ, and the QB-HB with on the spot reaction time (not IQ, more along the lines of Extroversion/Introversion and visual stimuli processing)

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