Realtime Win Probabilities 0.7

Another improvement this week. If you missed the DEN-CLE game, you can now hover the cursor over any part of the graph to get a description of the play and current score. Thanks to a suggestion from commenter Andy, I plan to add the current probabilities for a TD and FG based on the current field position and down and distance. I might have that up sometime later today. Also, premium subscriber 'Borat' let me know that the play descriptions didn't indicate which team had possession. That's been fixed now.

Final games from from previous weeks:

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3 Responses to “Realtime Win Probabilities 0.7”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You've probably answered this somewhere before but...
    Why did Philly's win probability actually drop on their first touchdown after rising on the interception that led to it?

  2. Brian Burke says:

    That's a slight flaw in my system. Between the TD and the extra point, the score was 6-0 PHI, which equated to a .60 WP for PHI. The PAT made it 7-0 which made it a .70 WP.

    I still need to add logic into the system to anticipate the PAT. The problem is, the feed does not make it immediately clear if it's already been attempted. To you and me it might seem obvious, But to a web server it needs a lot of instruction. I'll have to move that up on my list of fixes.

  3. Borat says:

    Very nice! Yes?????

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