Game Probabilities - Week 10

Weekly game probabilities are available now at the Fifth Down.

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5 Responses to “Game Probabilities - Week 10”

  1. Anonymous says:

    With the Thurs night games it would be nice to see the stats posted a little earlier than late Thurs night or Fri morning. Thanks

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Brian Burke says:

    Sorry. They were up at NYT early Thurs AM, but I wasn't able to post a link until later that night. (Actually early the next morning. I'm halfway around the world at the moment.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is there a study/analysis of ATS trends when teams travel cross-country for a game, e.g., travel fatigue.

    Reason I ask is because the Broncos made 3 cross-country trips in about 2 weeks -- (1) Denver>Baltimore(week 8); (2) Baltimore>Denver(week 9); (3) Denver>Washington (week 10).

  5. buzz says:

    Will be interested to see the analysis of the 4td down decision by Belichek at the 2 minute warning as I assume you will put up something about that. I'm guessing the backlash that is coming already is going to make coaches a little more hesitant for going for it on 4th.

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