Announcement: Mobile WP Graphs

At your kid's soccer game and want to check out live WP graphs on your iPhone or Blackberry? Now you can. Mobile WP Graphs is now in beta. You need JavaScript enabled for the seemless live updates, but most modern mobile browsers will work just fine. I'll be working on it throughout the day (when not at my son's soccer game), so expect a few hiccups.

The regular flash-based live graphs are still available as always.

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2 Responses to “Announcement: Mobile WP Graphs”

  1. Doctorjorts says:

    WOW! You can run a WP prediction on my kid's soccer game?? Using my mobile phone?? What a breakthrough.


  2. Chuck Winkler says:

    You really should figure out a way to incorporate strength of offenses/defenses into the equation. There are some pretty huge disparities in the NFL, and this puts a large dent in the WP accuracy. Maybe even use updated Vegas lines somehow.

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