Risk Taking In The NFL

Judy Battista, the New York Times national NFL correspondent, just did an article titled Coaches Take More Risks, but Perhaps Not Enough. I helped do some of the analysis for the piece. David Romer is also interviewed.

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3 Responses to “Risk Taking In The NFL”

  1. bigmouth says:

    Ha. I was just about to point this piece out to you. Should have known you were involved!

  2. Brian Burke says:

    Wow. Two in the same day. Don't miss this piece on Romer:

    Romer Says Go For It

  3. Jim Glass says:

    Don Coryell may have been risk-taking and imaginative on offense, but his Chargers teams that Fouts waxes nostalgic about were historically dreadful on defense.

    Over the five years 1981-1985, of 28 teams in the league, they ranked on average...

    Points allowed: 25.4
    Yards allowed: 26.4
    Net yards/Pass attempt: 25.8

    In none of these D categories over the five years (15 chances) did they ever rank above 24th.

    And that was after taking over a good D that ranked 2, 5 and 5 in these categories in 1979.

    I'd nominate this as a candidate for the worst 5-year defensive record by any head coach ever, if only because it's hard to imagine that a coach producing a D record this bad could survive five years unless he had that Fouts offense.

    I mean, I really enjoyed watching that Charger O, but D is part of the game too.

    It's no surprise Fouts "felt like a failure whenever the field-goal team came on the field" -- he knew he needed a TD to stay even.

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