Advanced NFL Stats Replay: Biggest WPA Plays in Super Bowl History

Perhaps last August wasn't the best time to post this article. This week seems somewhat more appropriate, and maybe next week we'll have a new addition to the list.

Before you read the list, what do you think the biggest play was? (Hint: The picture on the left does not give it away.)

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3 Responses to “Advanced NFL Stats Replay: Biggest WPA Plays in Super Bowl History”

  1. Joseph says:

    Harrison's INT return against the Cards?

    Other guesses--Montana to Taylor, Roethlisberger to Holmes
    Norwood's miss

  2. Anonymous says:

    A little off-topic, but I just noticed on the "Top Games" page that the game with the most Excitement over the last 11 years was... this year's Pro Bowl. Have you ever thought about trying to add in some sort of drama factor, where a game with possible or definite playoff implications is considered more "exciting" than one that doesn't mean anything?

  3. Brian Burke says:

    Yes, there are a number of different ways to do that.

    The Pro Bowl being there is just an error, which I need to go fix now.

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