WP: Redskins Defense Is Carrying the Team

Today's post at the Washington Post's Insider looks how special teams helped them squeak by the Rams last week. Plus:

  • Ryan Torain returns with a vengeance.
  • The defense has been carrying the team so far.
  • How likely are the 'Skins to make the playoffs?

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1 Responses to “WP: Redskins Defense Is Carrying the Team”

  1. Eric says:

    Hi there,

    I just found your website and love it!

    I've been doing analysis similar to this for NFL statistics (although not quite as advanced), and I've come to similar conclusions to you.

    Currently, my model has Baltimore ranked #1, New Orleans #2, and Dallas #3. St. Louis is #32. 4-0 Detroit I've got at #7 (you have at #8), so results are very similar.

    I've had the same thought process. Determine which stats are repeatable, which ones aren't and are "luck," then make an adjustment for who you've played.

    Last year I did the same thing and had Green Bay ranked #1 throughout the last month of the season, and I was telling people how good they were and that Atlanta was overrated.

    Very good website! Keep up the good work!

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