Tom's Least Terrific Games

The NE passing game struggled Thursday night against the NYJ defense. It was a freakishly unproductive night for Tom Brady, who was obviously frustrated by his replacement-level receiving corps. But NE fans shouldn't panic. Besides being 2-0 so far, with both wins coming against division rivals, Brady has had worse games. In fact, he's had exactly 18 of them in terms of overall production.

The #1 worst game is one that's hard to forget. Baltimore's defense mauled a Welker-less NE in the 2009 playoffs. Joe Flacco needed to throw for a whopping 34 yards to win the game. That's not a typo. As a Baltimore guy, I still thought the Ravens would somehow manage to blow the game. That's just how we think.

Here's the list, including a link to each game WP graph and advanced stat boxscore.

2009BLT-24.1-0.22View Game Graph
2002GB-17.4-0.3View Game Graph
2003BUF-16.8-0.03View Game Graph
2001MIA-13.8-0.38View Game Graph
2001BUF-9.9-0.21View Game Graph
2002NYJ-9.3-0.26View Game Graph
2003MIA-9.2-0.28View Game Graph
2002TEN-9.0-0.12View Game Graph
2001DEN-8.4-0.25View Game Graph
2006MIA-8.3-0.37View Game Graph
2001CLV-8.2-0.24View Game Graph
2009NYJ-7.4-0.19View Game Graph
2003NYJ-7.2-0.3View Game Graph
2008KC-7.1-0.25View Game Graph
2001BUF-7.1-0.19View Game Graph
2011PIT-6.90.04View Game Graph
2004PIT-6.2-0.22View Game Graph
2002OAK-6.1-0.26View Game Graph
2013NYJ*-5.7-0.1View Game Graph
2003NYG-5.5-0.18View Game Graph

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1 Responses to “Tom's Least Terrific Games”

  1. Anonymous says:

    *caution: contains absolutely no analysis*

    My wife is Canadian, and I turned her hockey fandom into football fanaticism when we started dating. We live in the Northeast, so I knew she wouldn't like my Broncos - but instead the Patriots, like the rest of my family. Unfortunately that 2009 playoff game was the first she ever went to. When it's 11 degrees and there's absolutely no energy at Gillette it feels so much colder.

    Just a sad story I thought Brian might love, due to his Ravens affiliation!

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