Big Changes Coming

I'm preparing to move the site to a new platform. Within a day or so the site will be hosted on a new content management system, which will allow us much more flexibility with all the new tools and content coming this season. I'm not sure how smooth the transition will be, so please stay tuned via Twitter in case things get broken over the next couple days.

With the url  (web address) change earlier this year and now this change, I've completely destroyed the site's search rankings (which were really good), links, and 7 years of goodwill. I apologize.

To fix things, I'll need your help. Please update your links to the site's url and, more importantly, spread the word. Hopefully you've enjoyed reading the posts or using the other features at AFA over the past several years. I haven't asked much in return, so please give the site a shout out on Twitter, your own site, or whatever platform you have.

Just to be perfectly clear, here are how things are changing:

1. The new site will offer all the same content you've come to expect, including analysis, tools, live WP graphs, advanced stats, the podcast, advanced boxscores, and visualizations. In addition, it will have a separate section for team clients and media outlets who use AFA services.

2. The web address will continue to be

3. The twitter handle will remain @Adv_NFL_Stats.

4. The site's feed will change to  (or ...&type=atom, depending on your preference.)

5. The podcast feed will continue to be

6. For now, older content will continue to be hosted at

For the month of October I'll be celebrating the re-launch of the site with a feature of the day, highlighting many of the most popular things the site has to offer.

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3 Responses to “Big Changes Coming”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don't know why you say you've changed 7 year's of goodwill, because I'm really excited about all these new changes. This shows you're committed to making this website even more awesome than it was before. Good luck with the transition.

  2. Anonymous says:



  3. Tarr says:

    I'm just upset that the bbnflstats redirect doesn't work any more.

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