7:30pm Update

Going into tonight's Bengals-Jets game, the playoff situation is pretty simple. Baltimore is in after their victory at Oakland, which also eliminates Pittsburgh. Denver is out following their loss at Kansas City. Only the Jets and Texans are still alive.

Assuming full-strength play, I'd have the Jets as 63% favorites, making the Texans' chances 37%. We'll see how hard Cincinnati plays.

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7 Responses to “7:30pm Update”

  1. DSMok1 says:

    Not hard. (I hate how teams playing below strength skews team ratings...)

  2. Unknown says:

    wow i am really frustrated the Texans playing their hearts out the last 4 games especially today and they don't get to go to playoffs. Another thing is Mark Sanchez is not going to go far in playoffs since in general he is a terrible quarterback.

  3. Brian Burke says:

    I feel bad for Texans fans. But tonight's game isn't the one to blame. The Jets have a great defense and are a better team than the very lucky Bengals. The Jets also had home field tonight. I think they would have won a fair game.

    It was the Colts game that saved the Jets' season...and spoiled the Texans'.

  4. Ian Simcox says:

    Wow. I just saw the wild-card weekend games. I can't believe 3 of them are rematches from this week.

    Hard luck for the Texans but all the more reason to play even harder next season.

  5. James says:

    I'd feel worse for the Texans if they didn't shoot themselves in the foot so many times. Not sure if you should blame individual players or the team as a whole, but they were in a lot of winnable games they lost.

  6. Mister says:

    I agree, James. Not to mention they drew the NFC West this year. Next year NFC East.

  7. Chris Connett says:

    So about that Week 15 Giants-Redskins game being the least exciting game of the decade... at 0.8 EI.

    This one scores 0.7. But then again, it's a new decade (by some people's reckoning).

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