Roundup 1/15/11

Seeing what we expect to see.

The Saints avoided kicking to Seattle's Leon Washington. How much did it cost them?

Final QB ratings from Wages of Wins, plus some thoughts on the Lions.

Why benching basketball players in foul trouble makes more sense than you might think. (Helmet-knock: Marginal Revolution)

Playoff games, and many teams' entire seasons, come down to their kickers. Here's how the remaining team's PKs stack up.

All four games this weekend are rematches. What do prior games between opponents tell us about playoff outcomes?

Kevin Kolb wants to be a starter somewhere. Past players similar to Kolb give us an idea of his value.

I really like visualization tools like this. Career WAR (sabermetric Wins Above Replacement) grids.

More on strategy in the new OT format.

More draft stories from Doug Drinen.

Measuring o-line pass blocking. I commend the effort, but Alamar's research to-date has been notoriously poor. Maybe this time it's different. H/k- FO.

Teaching a QB where to throw.

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