Wikipedia is awesome. There's an entry for Win Probability, which is cool. But it's got a tag that it may not meet 'notability' guidelines, and it may be removed soon. But there's also a Win Probability Added page, and it makes sense to me that they should be merged.

There's an entry for Advanced NFL Stats, but it's a little dated. I confess I created it, but it doesn't seem proper that I taut my hobby on my own. Search engines ignore links from Wikipedia (to prevent people from gaming it), so I derive no real benefit from the entries. I do think it is a service to people who are genuinely interested in learning more about sports research.

That's where you guys can help out. You can contribute to the community by updating the Wikipedia entries, keeping them relevant and useful to readers. Updating the references and external links would be helpful, and adding "see also" links to other Wikipedia pages is especially handy for people wanting to learn more.

For example, you could add, "2009 was the year that Carson Cistulli began ruining what was once a good site."

Oh, and by the way, I was just kidding in the line above about Carson. It was actually 2010.

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5 Responses to “Wikipedia”

  1. Dale says:

    Founder and first member of the Carson Cistulli fan club.

  2. X says:

    As a former wiki editor, I have two tips:

    It's considered very poor form to edit your own article (or articles about things you made). Resist the urge.

    The notability guidelines are obsessed with references to the subject of the article from obsolete old-guard media. WP being mentioned in such places as, say, the Washington Post or the New York Times would do a lot to prevent it from falling prey to deletionists.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of wikipedia, Caleb Hanie's wikipedia page was being edited and reedited during the game. First addition I saw said something like, "He entered the NFC championship game after Cutler's injury and Collin's (sic) ineffectiveness." Moments later, the typo was corrected and it said, "He led the Bears to three second-half touchdowns and upset the Packers 21-14 to go to the Super Bowl." Then "As if. Bears suck." Then "Hanie is dating New York model Bubbles Bailie." And "In middle school, he led his team to the Iowa City Sugar Bowl title with eight touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown." Then it was back to "He entered the NFC championship game..." Then it was back to the way it was to start with. And finally there is a picture of him and a full paragraph on the game. We were cracking up hitting the Refresh button every 10 seconds.

  4. Anonymous says:

    so wait is he really dating bubbles bailie?

  5. Carson Cistulli says:

    Re: Hanie's Wikipedia page, I also saw another edit in which some changed the incorrect "Currently starting for the Chicago Bears..." to the probably-more-accurate "Currently FARTING for the Chicago Bears..."

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