Advanced Box Scores

I teased this last week, and now the switch has been flipped. All final Win Probability graphs now include individual player advanced stat box scores.

They're better seen than described, so go ahead and check out last year's Super Bowl.

For each team, I've included the top 2 QBs, top 3 RBs, top 5 WRs/TEs, and top 7 defenders in terms of WPA to be included. Advanced stats for the full team can be seen by clicking on the Team Offense or Team Defense table headers. Due to space limitations, I had to decide which stats to include, so I focused on the ones that you don't tend to see other places--things like targets for WRs.

So get to it:

  • Did Ray Lewis do more good or did Trent Dilfer do more harm in SB 35?
  • How did Kurt Warner really play in SB 36?
  • How dominant was the Bucs defense in SB 37?
  • Did Tom Brady really deserve the MVP award in SB 38?
  • Did Donovan McNabb hurt or help the Eagles in their efforts in SB 39?
  • Did Hines Ward deserve his MVP in SB 40?
  • Just how poorly did Rex Grossman really play in SB 41?
  • Which Giants receiver had the highest WPA in SB 42? Hint, it's not either of the two you're thinking of.
  • There's a mistake in one stat on a player in SB 43. See if you can find it. Hint, it's because the final play of a half isn't handled properly because there is no subsequent play from which to calculate the 'added' part of EPA.
  • What game do you want to know about?

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2 Responses to “Advanced Box Scores”

  1. RaH says:

    And it gets even awesomer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    SB43 is Warner's pick 6.

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