WP: DeAngelo Hall's Silence

Today's post at the Washington Post's Insider looks at how the Redskins can take pressure off Rex Grossman. Plus:

  • DeAngelo Hall does a lot of talking, but his play has been silent.
  • Dallas' LB Sean Lee had a huge game, as I warned.
  • One of the reasons the Skins are off to a good start is a very low penalty rate.
  • Washington's run defense suddenly went from one of the best to one of the worst.
  • Of the 10 FG attempts in Monday night's game, 4 were significant mistakes, particularly Dallas' kick on 4th and 1 from the WAS 9.
  • Jason Campbell, the former Skins QB jettisoned in favor of Donovan McNabb and  Grossman, has started off hot.
  • Next week, WAS faces STL QB Sam Bradford, who has regressed in his second season. This doesn't speak well of STL's new OC, Josh McDaniels, the man who replaced Mike Shanahan in Denver.

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1 Responses to “WP: DeAngelo Hall's Silence”

  1. AMDG, Esquire says:

    Has Bradford regressed due to the tutelage provided by McDaniels... or is it a protection issue? Not a fan of McDaniels... just curious.

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