Sunday's Numbers Have Been Crunched

Sunday's numbers are now available, including advanced stat box scores, top players of the week, team stats, and season leader boards.

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9 Responses to “Sunday's Numbers Have Been Crunched”

  1. Ian B says:

    Does anyone know why Alex Smith's advanced stats were so low? 49er writers are calling the win in philly a career game for him but he has -0.19 wpa. I saw his success rate was poor... must be from the first half.

  2. Brian Burke says:

    Too many sacks (2 fumbles, 1 lost), too many incomplete or short passes on critical downs.

    1st half -0.24, 2nd half +0.05 WPA. At least he was in positive EPA territory this week, plus had good AYPA.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why is it a fumble on QB when the center snaps it bad?

  4. Ian B says:

    Brian, thanks for shedding some light on A.Smith. Looking more closely at the WP graph, Justin Smith (fumble force), Frank Gore (TD run) and Kendall Hunter (big 3rd down run) probably captured most of the WPA from the comeback. Alex Smith's big throws from the 3rd quarter barely got any WPA, probably because the situation seemed so bleak then.

    I think the Alex Smith question illustrates the potential effectiveness of a grid view of the live WP graph. The columns could be the time of the play, play description, change in WP, change in EP, maybe some other stuff... If building that feature is a question of resources, I'm sure some readers would volunteer time to help design/develop it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would guess that the biggest hurdle to a grid view would be converting the play description into a format that is not copyrighted by the NFL.

  6. Brian Burke says:

    I was going to mention that. The copyright of the data I get from the NFL says that it is explicitly for the media's analysis of the games. And I think any reasonable person would consider the WP graph, including individual references to the plays, as exactly 'analysis.' But a list of plays, even with the WP #s beside it, might garner some objections.

    I get hits all the time from league headquarters in NY, and from NFL Network in LA. And their head stat guy has written a couple times on various subjects, so I assume they have no objections to the current format.

  7. Ian B says:

    I could see how there could be copyright objections. One idea that could possibly decrease copyright risk while also providing a lot of value would be providing a grid with the top 5 or 10 plays of the game by change in WP. That might be even more interesting to the median use case than a grid with all plays.

    Sorry to hammer on this, just think it's interesting.

  8. Brian Burke says:

    That's a cool idea. I could do that for each game's boxscore. There are few other things on the list. I'd like to add oline -WPA -EPA stats for each game, and add total off and total def stats. Special teams is a big glaring hole right now. There are so many little things I'd like to add.

    I was also going to make a little widget for the site that rotates through bite-sized lists of current leaders in EPA or WPA by position. Very similar concept.

  9. Jim Glass says:

    Sanchez is only #32? Seems generous.

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