Team Stat Visualization Update

The new team visualizations have received some significant upgrades, incorporating some suggestions from readers. First off, you may have noticed they get their own link under the 'Stats' item in the site main menu, and they now have a permanent home here at Advanced NFL Stats.

Next, I've added several tabs to the top of the graphs. Each tab corresponds to a type of stat--Team EPA, Team WPA, Team SR, and Offense Run/Pass EPA per play. Each graph works the same way. Up and to the right are always good, and the best, most balanced teams will be along a diagonal from the center to the upper-right corner. Hovering your cursor over a team will highlight its division for convenient comparison, plus its game-by-game performance is charted in the timelines below the main graph. I've added a label for each opponent, so you can immediately get a feel for how the season has unfolded for each team.

The Offense Run/Pass is slightly different than the other graphs because it's looking at offensive running and passing performance, and the numbers are on a per-play basis. The other graphs are offense vs. defense and are cumulative for the season.

Lastly, I've added a slider bar to the top so that you can filter the season by weeks. For example, you can narrow the range to only look at the most recent several games, and see how the teams compare. You can compare how teams are trending, or even narrow the range to a single week.

The graphs have been updated through the Sunday night game. Suggestions are always welcome.

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