2012 Play-by-Play Data Posted

Play-by-play data through week 4 of the 2012 season is now available. I think this project deserves a cool name like baseball's Retrosheet. It doesn't go back to 1801 or whenever Retrosheet starts, but it's something. Suggestions welcome.

Happy crunching.

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2 Responses to “2012 Play-by-Play Data Posted”

  1. Brian Burke says:

    Also added 2011 playoffs and Super Bowl.

  2. NateTG says:

    Thank you for posting the data. I've started tinkering with it, and noticed some games seem to only have a line for the kick-off:

    in the 2003 file the Carolina v St Louis and Indianapolis vs New England postseason games.
    in the 2004 file for Green Bay at Indiana on 9/26
    in the 2005 file for New Orleans at St. Louis on 10/23
    in the 2006 file for Chicago at New England on 11/26 and Green Bay at Seattle on 11/27

    There's an all-comma/blank line in the 2010 file

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