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Longtime reader Jim Glass puts some famous streaks in perspective--those of Unitas, Brees, and DiMaggio. Good stuff.

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone about Advanced NFL Stats Community, edited by Ed Anthony. ANS Community is a platform to publish your own football research. I know you're out there because I get questions and requests for help and data almost daily from graduate students and amateur stat heads. If you've written a paper for a class or have made your own ranking/prediction  model, ANS Community is a great way to get it seen by thousands of smart readers. If you've been taking advantage of the play-by-play data we provide, we'd love to see what you've done at ANS Community.

Submissions can be sent directly to Ed at this address.

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1 Responses to “At ANS Community”

  1. Jim Glass says:

    Thanks for the kind word.

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