Game Notes: Eagles fall to the Saints

Below are some observations the author noted while watching tape of the New Orleans Saints' 28-13 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football.

 On the Eagles' first drive, Michael Vick looked quite good when he had time to throw the ball. The drive ended when he fumbled the ball and set the Eagles back twenty yards.

• On the second drive, the Eagles opted to run the drive from under center, and the offense looked much more comfortable. LeSean McCoy was able to get a head of steam out of the backfield, allowing him to explode into the secondary.The Eagles running game never got going when Vick was in the shotgun.

• The Eagles' second drive ended on an interception, which was returned 99 yards for a touchdown by Patrick Robinson. While a tipped ball doesn't place the blame solely on Vick's shoulders, the throw was inaccurate and was in danger of being picked, anyway. The play -- which resulted in a 38% shift in Win Probability -- is presented in the GIF below, so you can see for yourself.

• Alex Henery is not effective on kick-offs. His kicks routinely died just a yard into the end zone, which isn't a massive problem if the kicks have good hangtime and allow defenders to run downfield, but these kicks were line-drives.

• Vick consistently looks for the deep ball before moving to his second read. His second option also tends to be down the field, and when that's not there, he'll move to a pass underneath. With a poor offensive line, the Eagles desperately need to alter their offense to focus on intermediate routes.

• The Saints' run game was wildly effective in the first half. Chris Ivory saw his first action of the 2012 season, and he was running with a very high motor, refusing to go down on the first or second hit. Mark Ingram also looked good, and Pierre Thomas was a factor catching the ball out of the backfield.

• Drew Brees' quick trigger and touch were evident when you compare him to Vick. Brees was throwing darts while Vick was trying to blow hitters away with fastballs.

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    That GIF is giving me a seizure.

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