Trent Richardson's Game by Game Advanced Stats

Here they are from last season, and here they are for 2013.

Not spectacular. It's a team sport, and these are team numbers. But Richardson's stats don't show any indication he's a game changer. He was 72nd in the league with -19.7 EPA and 58th with -0.03 EPA/P. When you watch him, he's hard to bring down, and occasionally gets a yard or two more than a typical RB. But when a team spends a first round pick on a RB, it should expect more than just a couple of extra yards per game than typical.

Last season IND was 7th in run EPA/P and 9th in run SR, so this trade could be a fun experiment in isolating the value of a RB from the rest of the offense. We'll see.

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14 Responses to “Trent Richardson's Game by Game Advanced Stats”

  1. Andrew M. says:

    I think the real reason they got him was because Donald Brown is TERRIBLE at pass blocking. He was responsible for two "blown" (look at ground and block air) blocks against blitzing linebackers in the final drive. It is habitual for him as demonstrated by even Peyton Manning getting made at his lack of understanding of pass protection adjustment in the no huddle -

  2. John Black says:

    Trent Richardsons got heart and that is what makes him a asset to every team in the league. his story is compelling and his teammates respond to that and that can't be measured except in sweat on the practice field where games are won and lost and not just what happens on any given sunday like you Richardson haters would like us to believe but it is not so.

    that's why we almost won regionals one year even though we were young we had electricity and heart and you can't measure the electricity in a heart.

  3. Reilly Pinkelnwert says:

    Couldn't we just use an EKG to measure the "electricity in a heart"?

  4. John Black says:

    Reilly Pinkelnwert,

    I don't know who that is but were not living in the future where hearts use electricity like robots.

    leave it all on the field, that's what I told my teammates to get us through the playoffs

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not sold on Richardson, but he had a decent SR% last year, and his low YPC was mostly a result of having very few big runs, which are somewhat unpredictable.

    He was also a young rookie playing hurt on a terrible offense.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This John Black guy is great. He needs a regular column...

  7. John Black says:

    I haven't been regular since a late hit ending my 7th grade season ruptured my colon. Did I complain? nope. HEART

  8. Unknown says:

    Anonymous - I agree. Brian should have picked him up as a regular contributor. I'm tired of these numbers, I want to read a post about HEART every week! And I want to know more about this regionals game...

  9. Reilly Pinkelnwert says:

    Honestly, I'm terrified to ask whether John Black is real, or just a hilarious alter ego constructed by Brian Burke.

  10. John Black says:

    see this twitter from eagles defense coach last night about heart

    Philadelphia Eagles ‏@Eagles 9h
    #Eagles Coach Kelly: Defense played with a lot of heart and great effort ... We have to do a better job executing on offense.

    Hearts is the trump cards man, wins every time

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey John Black,
    Did I ever tell you about the 4 touchdowns I scored when I played for Polk High School in the City Championships?


  12. John Black says:

    That was Married with Children, not Cheers; Thanks for playin. I no that because when I was sidelined with early onset dementia my freshman year all I did was watch 80's sitcoms.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Black,
    you've said,
    "I haven't been regular since a late hit ending my 7th grade season ruptured my colon."
    "leave it all on the field, that's what I told my teammates to get us through the playoffs"

    A classic example of gritty 'leadership from behind' out on the gridiron. You 'put it out there for all to see.'


  14. John Black says:

    My anal attention to detail gave us consistent runs and is why they retired my #2 Jersey.

    Married with Children,

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