Washington Post: Punting Stats Aren't Always What They Seem

Today's post at the Washington Post's Redskins Insider looks at the Redskins' recent firing of their punter and how misleading most punting stats can be. Also, here is last week's post, which I never got around to linking to. It breaks down how the Redskins have consistently declined since the beginning of the season and discusses what this says about their roster depth and coaching.

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1 Responses to “Washington Post: Punting Stats Aren't Always What They Seem”

  1. Another David says:

    It says that Dan Snyder needs to stop throwing tons of money and draft picks (which they apparently work so hard to get) to bring in ineffective/lazy players coughHaynesworthcough and old men coughMcNabbcough.

    This, coming from the perspective of someone who stood out in the cold rain at that God-awful pummeling from the Eagles.

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