Appearance on Fox Sports Radio

I did a spot on Fox Sports Radio this morning on the Atlanta 4th down decision. I think it turned out well. Zakk & Jack asked a lot of good questions and allowed me plenty of time to answer.

If the embedded player doesn't work for you, the link is here.

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14 Responses to “Appearance on Fox Sports Radio”

  1. Dominic Zaccagnini says:

    Thanks for being on the show, great insight!

    Would love to see some stats on short yard rush offense in 2011 compared to passing in 3rd and manageable situations - looks pathetic from my viewpoint.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome stuff!

  3. Chase says:

    Nice work, Brian.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brian, I just thought I'd let you know that ESPN seems to have caught wind of the support for Mike Smith's decision in their power rankings:

    "Statistical analysis showed coach Mike Smith made the percentage play with that controversial fourth-and-1 decision Sunday. (Sando)"

    So the mainstream sports press may be catching on. There's still hope!

  5. Brian Burke says:

    Sando is great. He's been onboard for a while.

  6. Unknown says:

    Maybe the best way for me to conceptualize it is your best case (realistic) scenario is a three and out by the Saints where you get the ball back exactly where you would've had the ball had you made the first down. What's harder: holding an NFL offense to a three and out, or getting five inches?

  7. Boston Chris says:

    Christopher, I love that way of thinking about it (and your name for that matter). If the goal of the game is to win. Atlanta needs to make it to the 30 yard line @ some point in the game. There are two paths to take. One involves, picking up a few inches. One involves a three and out (w/ no yards picked up by NO). I'm taking the inches play every time. Let's even assume that when Atlanta punts it, that they give up 20 yards to NO. NO punts it and Atlanta now has the ball @ their 10 yard line. I'd be tempted to take 4th and inches @ the 30, as opposed to 1st and 10 @ my ten. Which is easier? 20 yards starting w/ 1st and 10? Or one shot at a few inches? I'm not sure, but again, more and more reasons, why you go for it on 4th and one.

  8. Joseph says:

    Even as a Saints fan, I thought he made the wrong decision--ON THE PLAY CALL. (Although I admit that I thought Mike Smith was dumb for going for it from his ~30--if he's near his 40 or closer, he definitely should go for it. ) I was LISTENING ON THE RADIO (via internet in Mexico), and I thought that it was probably the "make the defense jump offsides, or take the delay of game penalty." If they ran a play, I was fully expecting a Turner run inside the tackles. While ATL is a "power running team," a better play call might have been a QB sneak from a 3 or 4 WR set, or a Turner run from that set. Similar to the famous Pats 4th & 2 failure a couple of years ago, coaches are getting the idea that going for it on 4th down is a good move, but are totally wrong on the play call.
    Also, give Sean Payton credit for playing to give Kasay an easier FG or scoring a TD, not being content to settle for a 40+ yd FG attempt.

  9. sunrise089 says:


    I hate the phrase "gone viral," but I guess "tipping point" is the more intellectually serious version of that idea, and I think you may have just reached it. In addition to the recent ESPN roundtable and the Fox Sports Radio appearance you're also addressed favorably in this week's Tuesday Morning Quarterback and unfavorably in the Yahoo! Sports featured article by Jason Cole (who says some nice things about you and then lapses into the worst sort of football analyst stereotypes when trying to refute your arguments).

    What worries me though, selfishly, is that you'll get hired by some forward thinking NFL GM after all this press. I've already lost PRF's blog, loosing this site might be too much to bear!

  10. Will says:

    Jason Cole, however, is an idiot. Outcome bias rules.

  11. Anonymous says:

    As touched on in briefly in the conversation, the Real Problem is the Play Call and the concept of the "half measure" option that Smith Chose. Either go conservative on the call (QB Sneak) or go for the splash play (play action or flea flicker). Smith went for the combination which lacks the upside of either call (less likely to convert than a sneak and far less likely for a big gain than a play action or fea lilcker)

  12. Jonathan says:

    "I was LISTENING ON THE RADIO (via internet in Mexico), and I thought that it was probably the "make the defense jump offsides, or take the delay of game penalty."

    That would have made the QB sneak an even better option, since they're worried about jumping offside and will probably get beaten to the punch at the LOS.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Video of ESPN segment for the Pats 4th and 2 call a few years ago, where Brian is declared a rocket scientist.

  14. Cape Cod Critic says:

    Great interview Brian!

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