Denver over Dallas: Instant Analysis

Sunday's game was a hard fought contest of wills, but in the end Denver pulled out the much-needed victory over Dallas. Question marks remain for both teams, however. Denver was finally able to find their identity and stick with what works. Although it's not time to panic yet in Dallas, they're going to need to find a way to get it done before it's too late.

Peyton Manning silenced his critics with a solid, although imperfect, outing. "For me it's not about the individual records," he said after the game. "It's all about the team. I'm just glad we were able to go out there and get the win today," he added. Peyton Manning needs to be careful not to look past next week's opponent. Their upcoming match-up will be nationally televised in prime time, a classic trap game.

Tony Romo looked confident at times, but eventually let the game slip out of his grasp. He said after the game, "We didn't bring our A-game today. We didn't step up when we needed to and make the plays we needed to make." Tony Romo showed a lot of courage in the face of adversity on Sunday. Now he needs to put it all together for Dallas to get back among the top teams in the league.

Dallas just can't continue to make the kinds of mistakes they made at this level of the sport. Dallas fans had higher hopes for the defense this season, but if they keep playing at this level significant changes will be needed in the offseason. The offense's performance was also less than inspiring, stalling numerous times in opponent territory.

Dallas lost that game more than Denver won it. Everyone knows football is a game of emotion, and clearly Denver showed they had the passion to come out on top. You could feel the electricity in the stadium from kickoff to the final whistle. It was a game for the ages.

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9 Responses to “Denver over Dallas: Instant Analysis”

  1. Brandon says:

    H ha! :-)

    Nice one Brian.

    For a few minutes you had me scared you had gone over to the dark side.

    Jokes on me :-)


  2. Anonymous says:

    Halfway through, I looked up at the author's name again to make sure I never read any of their work again. Heh. Welllllll played.

  3. Michael Beuoy says:

    Great article. Way to come through in the clutch. Now if only there was a way to merge the wisdom of John Black into the sports column generator.

  4. Unknown says:

    Peyton's statement should have read, "For me, it's not about the individual records, because I'm a lock to beat them all anyway".

  5. John Black says:

    Finally a article worth to reading!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This actually does a very good impression of many columns. You could get a job with and never work another day in your life.

  7. Ben Stuplisberger says:

    This isn't too far from Mike Florio's instant analysis. He slavishly followed the standard Romo "chokes when it counts" storyline so closely that it even made Bob Costas knowingly smirk.

  8. nottom says:

    Pretty good, except Peyton currently has no critics to silence.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think at this point Romo needs his own column generator. Those narratives and tropes by mouthbreathers and meatheads are so well worn a hobo wouldn't wear wear them.

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