Return of the Roundup 10/12/13

The Roundup is back. We've dusted it off to provide some of the best smart sports research links in one place. Wasting your time on a lazy Saturday since 2008.

Cool visualization of NFL salaries by position.

Going for it on 4th down at the end of a half is a unique animal because there's no chance of either the opponent scoring or getting the ball back in great field position. Jason Lisk uses the WP Calculator to crunch the numbers.

How the Packers use individual player stats.

Where have all the fullbacks gone?

People Consume 10x More Music Than Sports, So Why Does Sports Make 6x the Cash? via Marginal Revolution

Analytics in the Rugby Football Union

Predicting the winner of a sporting event with accuracy close to that of a statistical computer programme could be possible with proper training.

Fantasy football as data science's "killer app." I add this link because it seems to me there are apparently vast amounts of resources devoted to what they think is "big data" and "analytics" by clueless people trying to catch the wave.

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