Podcast Episode 6 - Ben Alamar

Ben Alamar, author of Sports Analytics: A Guide for Coaches, Managers and Other Decision Makers is on the show this week to discuss his new book. Ben is a professor of sports management at Menlo College, and has worked as a consultant to a variety of NBA and NFL teams.

The episode begins with Ben describing his background in economics and why he saw a need to found the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, the only peer-reviewed journal solely for papers on sports economics. They then discuss his work with Michael Lewis for the book Moneyball, and how he approached the question of how to analyze the success of offensive linemen.

Ben then discusses his new book, and breaks down some of the experiences he’s had working with analytics programs of professional sports organizations. Finally, the episode ends with his thoughts on the recent NFL season by continuing the now weekly tradition of praising Peyton Manning for his otherworldly statistical year.

A quick note to listeners, I'll be announcing each week's guest on twitter a few days before recording, so tweet at me if you've got questions you'd like the guest to answer on the upcoming episode.

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