Recent Contributions

It can be an interesting exercise to answer questions for reporters and bloggers. Sometimes their questions get me thinking about things in ways I hadn't thought of, or questioning my own assumptions.

Here are a few recent articles from around the web that I've answered questions for: asked me about injury predictions and why I'm so skeptical about them.

The Wall Street Journal did short blurb on how many dollars per wins Eli Manning's new contract might be worth.

Here is a really neat article by Sam Arbesman in the Boston Globe about the concept of clock management in football. As a thought exercise, Sam proposes the addition of a "Time In," which is essentially an anti-time out. It gets you thinking about how important every few seconds are in a close game. I'm kind of a fan of some of Sam's other articles too. My favorite is this one, a suggestion of how to gain immortality in the name of a mathematical constant.

Last month, I did a radio interview with a Chicago station about my Jay Cutler articles.

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