Even More Good Stuff at the Community Site

Longtime reader Adam Tarr (perhaps longest?) examines which QBs are picking up the most yardage from their receivers. Don't miss the comment thread.

Which teams carry their QBs, and which QBs carry their teams? Jim Glass tells us.

I the holiday spirit, Community site editor Ed Anthony takes a look at whether it's better to give or receive. The results are surprising. Really. That's not a tease.

Denis O'Regan adjusts QB interception rates for depth of throws.

Steven Buzzard, who might rank near Mr. Tarr in terms of seniority around Advanced NFL Stats, takes a look at which playoff teams were 'clutch' and which were 'chokers'.

Bruce D continues his series on which teams have been the luckiest. Don't overlook this. This isn't some regression model or econometric mumbo-jumbo (like Carson or I do). Bruce simply counts up plays we all know are generally unrepeatable, low frequency events, such as punt blocks, fumbles lost, and kick off returns. He then assigns points for each team based on how many or how few of these events they've had. (Incidentally, Ed A. is getting really good at making html tables.)

Thanks for the awesome contributions, gentlemen.

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