New Game WP Pages

Here's a quick look at a work in progress. It's a redesigned WP Graph page with advanced player stats. It's not done, but it should be ready for the beginning of the season.

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9 Responses to “New Game WP Pages”

  1. Chris says:

    Hey Brian, at what point will you adjust your model for the kickoff rule change? It seems like that will make a slight difference in the calculation on 4th down plays (go for it/field goal), since now you're only giving up the ball on the 20 as opposed to whatever it used to be after the field goal.

  2. Ian Simcox says:

    Brian, where do you get your pbp data from for the page? Looks really good. It'll be advancednflstats fantasy football next :-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very cool.

  4. Brian Burke says:

    Chris-The WP model is already adjusted for the new kickoff distance, but it's only an estimate of how I expect things to shake out. We'll need some actual data to confirm and tweak things.

    The EP model is going to be affected slightly too. Regardless of kickoff spot, teams still have the same likelihood of scoring from their 20, 30, etc. It's just that the value of an ensuing kickoff following a score is higher for the kicking team. So instead of a TD being worth 6.3 pts (7 - 0.7 EP for the kickoff) it might be worth more like 6.4 (7 - 0.6).

    Ian-I get the pbp from various public sources. It's no different than the pbp anyone can get at

  5. coldbikemessenger says:

    looks great
    my favorite part is the APA for qb's

  6. Ian Simcox says:

    Ok, perhaps better question. How do you parse that pbp data for the live stats?

  7. Brian Burke says:

    I taught myself PHP (a web server scripting language) to do it.

  8. Ian Simcox says:

    Nice. I guess your self taught pbp is a bit ahead of mine. Oh well, must keep practicing

  9. Ian Simcox says:


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