Please Welcome Keith Goldner

Keith has agreed to be a contributor here at Advanced NFL Stats this season. He's been doing his own modeling and analysis at his site Drive-By-Football for several months. I was so impressed, I sought out Keith before my call for writers last week.

Keith is a true stat-head. Aside from Drive-By, he is the chief analyst at numberFire, a slick and smart fantasy-oriented site. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern with a B.A. in math. Keith has worked with two NBA franchises - Oklahoma City Thunder and Philadelphia 76ers - doing statistical analysis and data management. In addition, he has worked with ESPN and the Wall Street Journal, contributing analysis across multiple platforms, and his sports analytics research has been featured at conferences across the nation.

Keith won't be confined to the GWP, WPA, AYPA environment. He has adapted his own Expected Points model (which has a clearer name--Net Expected Points).

So please welcome Keith. We can expect his first post very soon.
On another note, I have only begun reviewing all the responses for my call for writers. I was overwhelmed with all the interest. I intend to select an additional writer or two later this week.

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