Request: Who Are The Pro Bowl Snubs?

I'm working on a comparison of players who were either selected for or snubbed from the Pro Bowl rosters. I'm tabulating each player's Win Probability Added (WPA) and Expected Points Added (EPA). In the comments here, list the players you think were legitimate all-pros but weren't picked. "Fantasy" positions only please (QB, RB, WR, TE). Except in rare cases, I can only analyze the positions that get run with, catch, or throw the ball.


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18 Responses to “Request: Who Are The Pro Bowl Snubs?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Vincent Jackson

  2. Brian Burke says:

    What about a Bengal? Cedric Benson?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tony Romo

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brent Celek
    Percy Harvin (as a kick returner)
    Ryan Grant

  5. Anonymous says:

    Matt Schaub

  6. Marver says:

    Steve Smith (NYG)

    Non-fantasy position: Mike Scifres. I suppose taking Kassim Osgood is a compromise, since it's hard to separate Scifres' contributions to pin-punts from Osgood's. Judging by Hanik Milligan's ST nomination a few years back, from downing Scifres punts, I'd probably lean towards giving Scifres a nomination sometime in liu of sending Osgood.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Celek maybe? I know Schaub is very close to Brady, but not really a snub IMO.

    also, just a heads up, but your "rare cases" link may not be correct.

  8. Z-Dog says:

    How about Thomas Jones? #2 in the AFC in rush yards, should break 1400, 4.4 ypc - essentially the same rush stats as Peterson, but with 12 TDs not 17. Of course, Jones hasn't fumbled eight times either.

  9. Paul says:

    Matt Schaub...

  10. Paul says:

    ...How good would Andre Johnson have been with Rex Grossman throwing him the ball...maybe I'm a biased Houstonian but finally a full season with Schaub and look at the numbers he put up!

  11. Eiad says:

    Randy Moss. I think he got robbed.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Randy Moss. welker over moss is a crime. tho the only way i can think of to show his relative value is comparing, say, welker's performance with moss vs. w/o moss. or whoever else moss shared coverage with. but i'm pretty sure even DHB could have caught 80 passes in the slot this year if he had moss drawing coverage, and that guy is only upright half the time.

  13. wiesengrund says:

    Thomas Jones definitely snubbed. He was imo better than Rice and MJD.
    Tony Gonzalez should be in there instead of Witten 100 yards do net equal 5 TDs.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Does kicker count as a fantasy position? If so, what about Sebastian Janikowski? He was 3rd in the AFC in field goal percentage yet attempted a more difficult sets of kicks than anyone else. He was perfect from under 40 yards, 9 of 10 from 40-49 yards, and 6-8 from 50+ yards (his two misses in this category were from 57 and 66 yards).

  15. Anonymous says:

    Tony Gonzalez

  16. Anonymous says:

    @marver, how can you drop a special teamer for a punter? only way scifres was ever getting in this season was if lechler was in the NFC and not in the AFC.

  17. Marver says:

    I'm not saying the AFC should drop Osgood and carry two punters. I'm just saying it's ashame that two guys -- first Hanik Milligan and now Kassim Osgood -- get Pro Bowl bids riding the success of Mike Scifres. Lechler's punting average is buoyed by the fact he (generally) has far more room to punt the football. Not that Lechler isn't talented, but it's more of a "who would you rather have?" question: the guy with more valuable to a bad team or the guy with more value to a good team? Since this is an All-Star roster, I'd lean towards the good (Scifres).

  18. DSMok1 says:

    Snubs: (based on the ratings I developed for an advanced-stats based fantasy football league--see the link in my name)

    QB: Tony Romo, Matt Schaub (to a lesser extent) (vs. Brady and Brees--Brees was fumble-happy and Brady just not quite as effective as Schaub)
    RB: Ryan Grant (vs. Stephen Jackson)
    WR: V. Jackson (big) and S. Holmes for R. Wayne (he was close, though) and definitely Brandon Marshall.
    TE: Celek over Witten (but it was close)

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