New Feature: Live Comments for WP Graphs

I'm testing out a great suggestion a reader made a couple weeks ago. (Sorry, can't remember who!) The live Win Probability Graphs now feature comments. You can put in your two cents on coaching decisions, remarkable plays, or ask general questions about how the graphs work. Help me test it out during today's conference championship games.

Jets-Colts comment thread
Vikings-Saints thread

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5 Responses to “New Feature: Live Comments for WP Graphs”

  1. Ed Anthony says:

    Hey Brian No one seems to be testing this feature so allow me.

    I don't have a comment about the game yet. I was going to send you an email in response to your comment about the Jets and my football model. I try to pick games ATS and interestingly it liked the Jets last week and again this week. The model also likes the Vikings plus 4.

  2. Shawn says:

    I instantly thought of this site with the Colts' decision to kick the field goal from the Jets' 1 in the second quarter. Could be interesting if the Jets do end up winning by 4 or less or take it into overtime.

  3. Anonymous says:

    uhhh...doesn't want to load (as of 4th qtr)

  4. Anonymous says:

    working now (3:23 left in 4th qtr) thx

  5. Becephalus says:

    Pretty interesting game as far as this year's playoffs are concerned. Was still in doubt into the 4th quarter.

    I hope the next game is even more exciting.

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