2010 Koko Fantasy Rankings - RBs

The next installment of the 2010 Koko fantasy rankings are the RBs. These projections are intended to establish the baseline minimum accuracy as the most reasonably naive predictions. The general explanation of the system along  can be found in the 2009 QB post. Details on how RBs are projected can be found in the 2009 RB post.

I tried to remove guys who are injured for the year or who have retired, but I may have missed someone. If you find one, just remember the classic line from Major League when Coach Lou Brown was given the list of players from the management. "This guy here is dead." "Well scratch him off then!"

Rank PlayerRYds/GRTDs/GReYds/GReTDs/GFum/GPts/GProj Pts
1Chris Johnson970.7260.10.1010.5147.6
2Adrian Peterson770.8230.00.149.8137.1
3Maurice Jones-Drew770.7210.10.099.4131.2
4Frank Gore740.6240.10.129.0126.4
5Thomas Jones780.790.00.098.4118.3
6Ray Rice760.5330.10.108.4117.4
7Ronnie Brown700.7130.00.098.3116.4
8Michael Turner730.790.00.138.3115.6
9Ricky Williams690.6170.10.118.1113.5
10Joseph Addai610.6200.10.088.1113.1
11Ryan Grant730.6140.00.087.9111.0
12DeAngelo Williams770.5180.00.117.8109.7
13LaDainian Tomlinson600.7130.00.107.7107.9
14Cedric Benson820.5120.00.097.6106.2
15Jonathan Stewart690.6120.10.107.6105.9
16Jamaal Charles710.5190.10.097.5105.6
17Steven Jackson810.4200.00.097.3102.6
18Steve Slaton530.4290.20.167.2101.1
19Pierre Thomas620.5200.10.107.2101.0
20Rashard Mendenhall680.5160.10.107.2100.6
21Willis McGahee500.6100.
22Kevin Smith620.4260.
23Knowshon Moreno630.5150.
24Jerome Harrison640.4160.10.106.997.3
25Marion Barber650.5160.00.096.996.6
26Laurence Maroney590.5110.00.116.794.2
27Fred Taylor560.680.00.106.793.7
28Tim Hightower520.5230.00.126.793.6
29Ahmad Bradshaw590.5150.00.106.692.4
30Fred Jackson670.3210.10.106.591.6
31Arian Foster550.5160.00.106.591.3
32Matt Forte630.4240.00.136.591.3
33Reggie Bush470.4210.10.106.591.2
34Carnell Williams590.4150.10.086.490.1
35Brandon Jacobs610.4140.10.096.490.1
36Beanie Wells580.5120.00.116.388.1
37Darren Sproles440.3250.
38Jason Snelling550.4180.
39Justin Forsett530.4200.
40Julius Jones570.3170.
41Clinton Portis650.3110.
42Mike Bell590.470.00.105.983.1
43LeSean McCoy530.4180.00.095.881.5
44Brian Westbrook500.3200.10.085.880.6
45Quinton Ganther460.4140.00.085.679.1
46Felix Jones580.3120.00.105.678.7
47Justin Fargas540.4120.00.095.677.9
48Ryan Moats470.4110.10.115.476.0

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12 Responses to “2010 Koko Fantasy Rankings - RBs”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No Adrian Peterson?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Adrian Peterson?

  3. Brian Burke says:

    Weird. No idea how he got left off. I know there was an issue with him last year because there was the 'other' Adrian Peterson, but not this year. I'll re-check the data and insert him.

  4. James says:

    Obviously AP isn't in the top 46 RBs. =)

  5. Matt says:

    How does Steve Slaton wind up at number 5? First off he's not the starter (if he is he's splitting carries)... also, he's never really been a top 10 guy, whats propping him up that high?

  6. Brian Burke says:

    Receiving touchdowns.

  7. Zach says:

    I think there must be something wrong with the receiving TDs. You list the top guys getting 0.8 rec TDs per game...in last year's post, the top guys had about .15-.20 TDs per game. Slaton, for instance, had 4 rec TDs in 11 games last year. IDK how you can get 0.80 TDs per game as his forecast from that.

  8. Brian Burke says:

    You might be right. Let me check the equations.

  9. Brian Burke says:

    Fixed. My sincere apologies--I had built a script to do this automatically some time ago. It pulled last year's player data off of Yahoo, but they changed the order of a few of the columns since then. As you can tell I've been in a rush to get these out. Headed to the beach in a few days. Thanks for catching the bug, Zach.

  10. Phil says:

    shonn greene not in the top 48?

  11. Tim says:

    Phil, it's based solely on previous year stats. Greene will do much better than the model will predict because his usage will likely increase dramatically.

  12. Phil says:

    i understand that... maybe im missing where Quinton Ganther did anything of note last year?

    also, why not incorporate playoff numbers (even though they dont count for fantasy, they give you a better sense of overall performance) when available?

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