Attention Bloggers: Win Probability Widget for 2011

If you run a website or blog, you can now include live win probability graphs on your own site. I've created a widget with some simple html code, and now it's available for all teams and all games.

Add the end of last season, I added another server that will handle a much greater traffic load. As regular visitors will attest, the demand for the live graphs would often crash the site, especially during nationally televised games. Hopefully, that's a thing of past. (The new link for live WP graphs is, but the old link will still work too.)

The WP widget is just like the smaller version of the graph I show on my main page during live games. Just add the following html snippet to your site.

Chose which team's game you want to show, and replace the bit that says ?team=GB with ?team=PIT or ...=BLT or ...=SEA or whichever team's abbreviation you like. That team's current or most recent game will automatically appear. This way, you won't have to update the code snippet each week. If you run a Jaguars fan site, just leave it at ?team=JAX all season.

Note that my system relies on the league's official team abbreviations, which are slightly different than the ones most people are used to. They will be the same common abbreviations that you'd find at, except for the following: BLT, JAX, SL, HST, ARZ, and CLV.

There are no embedded ads or anything else to worry about. But fair warning, clicking on the graph links to the full version at this site. It's 500 pixels wide and 300pixels tall, so it's easy to place in most blog formats. Here's what it looks like:

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9 Responses to “Attention Bloggers: Win Probability Widget for 2011”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does the widget work on message boards powered by vBulletin software?

    I tried the widget in a message board but it came up blank.

  2. Brian Burke says:

    I guess not based on your luck, but you'd have to ask the webmaster of the site in question. The iframe tag is not very popular with a lot of sites because they have no control over what goes in there.

  3. laccy says:

    hello, can you make a half size widget or an overview of all games?

  4. laccy says:

    actually its pretty easy to tweak the widget

    only that its better to give size with procent and hight with pixel
    bit more height and disable scroll bars, then put a paragraph between, to inform users if they cant see because old unsupported browser

  5. Anonymous says:

    is there anyway you could make a graph that actually reflects the chance a team wins? For example if the Packers start out at 80% and recover an opening onside kick they'd go to X%.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Brian-
    FYI, this iframe widget only shows about half of the graph -- I think you've upgraded the graph and page since publishing this blog entry.

  7. Michael says:


    Exactly how does your WP calculator work? Does it simply count the frequency of winning or losing based on all prior 'visits' to individual states or is there some type of more complicated calculation involved. I also sent you an email regarding this question. I would really appreciate a response, Thanks!

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  9. Anonymous says:

    do you use a particular formula to calculate the win percentage?

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