Call for Writers for 2011

This is probably long overdue, but I’m excited to announce that Advanced NFL Stats is planning to add a small number of contributors this season. I already have a couple writers lined up, and I’m looking for a limited number of additional smart, analytical thinkers to bring a fresh perspective to the world of NFL stats. Previous analytic or blogging experience is preferred, but not required.

Those interested should email me directly (see the About - Contact/FAQ menu link) with an introduction and links or attachments of 2 or more examples of your analysis and writing. If you have no previous experience, you can send ‘demo’ drafts of the kind of stuff you’d like to do.

In particular, I’m looking for contributors to ‘own’ a regular weekly assignment. For example (these are just random thoughts off the top of my head):
  • WPA/EPA Players of the Week
  • Most Exciting/Interesting game recap
  • Team ranking narrative (I generate the weekly team rankings on Tuesday AM, and someone generates the write-up…biggest movers, new top dog, most overrated, most underrated, reasons for unexpectedly high/low rankings, etc.)
  • Playoff probabilities write up--(highlighting critical, high-leverage games and review big winners and losers of the previous weekend; to start later in the season)
  • The Contrarian--find something to disagree with each week and make a good case. (For example, last season you could do 'Why ATL is truly a 13-3 team' or 'SD's Special Teams will not regress to the mean')
  • “Clutch” rankings for teams/players as defined here.
  • Your own awesome idea

I can’t offer much in terms of compensation, but the site does generate a trickle of ad revenue. After my server and other expenses are accounted for, there will be enough left over to pay contributors in line with other similar sites, such as Fangraphs. That’s not much, but by the end of a full season, it could get you halfway to an iPad. What I definitely can offer is exposure. Advanced NFL Stats doesn’t have the broadest appeal, but I know for a fact it is required reading for many in the media and some in the league itself.

My goal now is to unlock the value in many of the models and concepts developed here over the last few years. I feel there is a lot of untapped but interesting things to be written about, dissected, argued over, rejected, and accepted. Tables of WPA, EPA, and SR numbers and graphs of AYPA are fine, but unless someone breathes life into them in a topical and compelling way, no one seems to notice. That takes creative thought and time, and it's not really fair for me to hog all the fun. At the same time, I want to maintain the credibility this site has earned by retaining the hype-free, serious analysis this site is known for.

I hope to hear from many of you.

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6 Responses to “Call for Writers for 2011”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is unrelated but I always thought it would be useful if rushing WPA,EPA and SR was a separate item for QBs

    Likewise it would be nice if RB's had receiving WPA,EPA and Success rate separated fro their rushing EPA. It muddies the waters so to speak.

  2. Sampo says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Could someone please advise when Brian starts making his weekly selections for individual games. Thank you

  4. James says:

    Brian's Efficiency Rankings and Predictions usually start Week 4 because he needs a few weeks of data before he can do the analysis.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much James.

  6. Kulko says:

    If only one had more time in live.

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