Running Back Stat Visualizations

Running back stat graphs are now available. The graphs are, for now, identical to the quarterback graphs. There are four tabs. Two present RB performance for a particular year, broken out by game and opponent. The other two tabs present RB performance totals by year. Any combination of RBs can be selected. The available seasons go back through 2000.

One handy tip is to use the search function. Don't bother scrolling up and down the list of players. Just click on the (tiny) search icon in the upper right corner of the player filter area and type the first few letters of the player's last name.

Another tip--To clear the list, select (All) and then deselct (All). Now you have a blank canvas and can begin to add whichever players you'd like to compare.

The site menus have been updated so navigation to the visualizations are always just a click away. Happy vizzing.

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1 Responses to “Running Back Stat Visualizations”

  1. ACC says:

    I'm enjoying the new visualization graphs. Quick note: On the EPA by Yr tab, the second graph is labeled as "Quarterback WPA by Year", not Running Back.

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