Weekly Roundup

This week we see just how bad the NFC West is in 2008, and how team penalties can be an overlooked factor. Plus, a cool Wikipedia page about the Patriots' offensive and defensive systems.

The PFR blog has two good posts this week. First, they compare the intra- and inter-division records of the NFC West. The bottom line is it may be one of the weakest divisions in a long time. The NFC South, on the other hand, may be one of the strongest.

PFR is also trying to establish a sound way of measuring the best defenses of all time. There's points allowed, yards allowed, yards per play allowed, plus turnovers and other considerations. This year's Steelers defense may rank among the best. If you ask me, the 2000 Ravens hold the crown.

This week Football Outsiders look at one of the most overlooked team stats--penalties. They look at playoff contender team penalties and at "penalties against." In my own research, a team 1 standard deviation better than average in penalty yards per play would win and additional 0.4 wins per season. Penalties against appear slightly more important at 0.5 wins per standard deviation.

The Dolphins look like favorites against the struggling Chiefs, except that they'll be playing in some of the coldest temperatures on record. With the weather getting cold, here are a few articles on weather from last season. Warm climate teams don't seem to have as big a problem as dome teams. Dome teams playing in the cold have only won 12% of their games in the last several seasons.

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    Love this feature.

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