Washington Post: Redskins Analysis for Week 6

Today I've got another post up at the Washington Post's Redskins Insider site. This time I looked at a number of different items.

  • Find out where McNabb and the rest of the offense stands in terms of one of the most predictive stats--yards per attempt.
  • Read about possibly the nuttiest 4th down analysis I've ever made.
  • Part of the reason for Washington's success so far this season has been thanks to the deep ball.
  • How big was Clay Matthews' injury midway through the game? Huge.
  • The 'Skins shouldn't fear the Colts this Sunday.

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4 Responses to “Washington Post: Redskins Analysis for Week 6”

  1. Dik Shuttle says:

    Cool stuff, Brian! Thanks!

  2. MattyP says:

    I look forward to this each week, just to read the ridiculous awesomeness of the comments.

  3. Brian Burke says:

    They're creative! This week is different though. They start right in on the politics, and then turn on each other pretty quickly.

  4. Jonathan says:

    It seems like the commentors are starting to like you more.

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