Interesting Posts over at the Community Site

This past week the Community site received some interesting contributions.

Jim Glass looks at whether the close-game/clutch-play narrative is backwards.

Ian Simcox measures just how big an effect strength of schedule can have on a team's regular season W-L record.

Karl Berthold looks at the effect Mike Martz has had on his teams over his career, both as head coach and as offensive coordinator.

Bruce D. introduces a novel type of team-rating system. It's based on points scored and allowed, adjusted for strength of schedule and for lucky plays. Bruce has also been keeping us up to date on which teams have benefited the most by lucky and unlucky plays. That is, high-impact plays that tend to be non-repeatable, such as kick returns for touchdowns blocked field goals, fumble returns, etc.

Many thanks to Ed A. for editing the Community site.

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