Franchise Visualization Updated with 2012 Data

Curious about just how bad the Chicago offenses have been under Lovie Smith? Or how the Cardinals' production fell after Kurt Warner's retirement? What's the real reason for the Cowboys' recent disappointing seasons? Is it the Romo-led offense or the defense? Which rookie QB is responsible for the biggest improvement in their team's offense in 2012?

The answers can all be found in one place--the franchise visualization. The brainchild of Chase Stuart of Football Perspective, the franchise viz plots the offensive and defensive production, in terms of EPA, on an x-y plot for every team since the 2000 season.

With week 17 now in the database, the 2012 season has been added to mix. Happy visualizing!

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3 Responses to “Franchise Visualization Updated with 2012 Data”

  1. Tim says:

    Great visualization! I'd be cool if we could select not only a team (e.g., all Patriots teams, like now), but also all super bowl winners. Not sure if that is hard to code or simple.

  2. Piedmont Packer Fan says:

    I feel funny making a suggestion to someone who makes following the NFL (and my Green Bay Packers) so much more interesting at no cost to me; but I think it would be interesting for the scale of the y-axis on the offense and defense - specific exhibits to be the same for all teams so that the viewer can infer how the specific team compares to the NFL's mean. More importantly, thank you for all you do.

  3. Brian Burke says:

    PPF--I agree. The axis lines are fixed the league mean for the overall periods. The scales are also fixed in the main plot. The year-to-year plots below for offense and defense have fixed average axes, but the scales vary. Otherwise, most teams' trend lines would be too flat to derive any meaning.

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