Podcast Episode 15 - Alok Pattani

Alok Pattani of ESPN Stats & Info joins Dave to discuss how ESPN uses analytics across its different platforms. He talks about how ESPN's use of advanced stats has evolved during his time at the company and explains the process of getting statistical concepts from research idea to broadcast.

Dave and Alok then look at some of ESPN Stats and Info's NFL research, including a new stat that quantifies pass protection and how that correlates to defensive and offensive pass efficiency. Alok reviews his research on the discrepancy between EPA and YPG for certain playoff teams, and how the story of a team's success (or failure) can be explained by different combinations of stats.

After a brief chat about the ways to quantify offensive pace, Alok outlines out an interesting parallel between two QB's playing against each other this weekend. To close out the show, Dave and Alok look at three divisional-round rematches, and attempt to tease out what can, and can't, be learned from when the same teams played earlier in the regular season.

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