Sunday's Numbers Have Been Crunched

Sunday's numbers are now available, including advanced stat box scores, top players of the week, team stats, and season leader boards.

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6 Responses to “Sunday's Numbers Have Been Crunched”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Brian;
    Excellent site. One request?!
    Is it possible to add your opass efficiency stat
    to your advanced box scores?Seeing how you have established that it's the most predictive? I believe you now are using adj. y/a ? Just curious why you are using it? thanks Bill

  2. Ian B says:

    I agree with Anon. It'd be nice to have net passing yards per attempt in the advanced box score. Currently I go to ESPN to find those numbers, despite the fact that ANFLS persuaded me to value that statistic.

  3. dan says:

    Could you clarify where you are at with 'fumbles' in your model?

    1. I believe you established that fumbles are more predictive than fumbles lost so for your OFUM number is it:
    total offensive fumbles /total offensive plays?

    2.Why have you taken out Defensive forced fumbles which you used to have in and established a high correlation ?
    thanks Dan

  4. Anonymous says:

    What is your position on defenses forced fumbles?
    Isn't this somewhat a sign of a strong defense?And somewhat repeatable?

  5. Brian Burke says:

    Suggestions taken. I'll put them on the list.

    Regarding fumbles. I include offensive fumbles (either lost or not) in the prediction/ranking model. It is relatively heavily regressed to account for its high variability. My hunch is that it's probably totally random except for one component--QB strip sacks.

    Defensive forced fumbles do not correlate within season from week to week, so it is excluded.

  6. dan says:

    thanks fro our responses Brian!
    "My hunch is that it's probably totally random except for one component--QB strip sacks."

    Or if your name is Michael Vick argh!
    So much talent except HE CANT HANG ONTO THE BALL!!
    hard on the nerves for my fav. team!

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