End of Season Team Rankings

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With the final games in the books, we can finally get around to seeing where teams ended up in the rankings when all was said and done.

Best Team to Miss the Playoffs: Eagles
The Philadelphia Eagles were pretty close to being a dream team, at least according to these rankings, but they were unable to work their way into the postseason. At least the Eagles made it to .500, and coach Andy Reid will get another year at the helm to prove this was all a bad dream.

Worst Team to Make the Playoffs: Broncos
If not for Tim Tebow's notoriety and the Train Wreck Factor, the Broncos would have had the most boring offense in league history. The defense looked dynamite at times, but it has struggled recently and could have big problems in the postseason. Tebow may be good for ratings and page views, but he's not good for the Broncos, and they'll be lucky to score 10 points before the fourth quarter against the top-ranked Steelers.

One-Eyed Monsters: Saints, Packers, Patriots
These teams were very strong in one aspect while struggling in the other. It should be no suprise that all three teams have elite quarterbacks and very weak defenses that could be exposed big time in the playoffs. I don't care what the over-under is if the Saints and Packers meet; i'm betting the over. The Jets, Panthers, Chargers and Jags all would make this list if they were actually monsters. Instead, they are just dust bunnies that create menacing shadows. They will scare you, but ultimately, they won't be able to hurt you.

Now, without further ado, get ready for the playoffs while scouring the rankings.

1 PIT10.750.4753
2 HOU20.730.4672
3 NO40.710.47322
4 PHI30.690.5169
5 GB50.680.47129
6 NYG70.670.53418
7 NE60.660.50230
8 DET80.600.49135
9 BAL90.600.48156
10 ATL110.600.491210
11 DAL100.570.511023
12 SD120.530.47827
13 SF130.510.49188
14 TEN180.510.481613
15 OAK170.510.481120
16 CIN150.500.481419
17 CHI140.490.50271
18 NYJ200.480.51264
19 MIA160.470.532212
20 BUF190.450.521726
21 WAS210.440.522014
22 ARI230.430.491921
23 CAR220.410.50932
24 SEA240.410.512311
25 KC260.370.502516
26 CLE270.370.512424
27 DEN250.340.503017
28 JAC280.320.52327
29 MIN310.310.512925
30 STL290.310.543115
31 IND300.310.522828
32 TB320.290.532131


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11 Responses to “End of Season Team Rankings”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Heh, the 49ers rank 10th out of 12 in the "made the playoffs" list? I hope you're wrong on that one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why is there only one team with Opp GWP above .5?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this the ranking used for playoff match probabilities or do you go with the rankings from the week before (since a lot of teams rested starters and threw off their avg efficiencies this past week)?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am new to the site. Can someone let me know how OFUM% is calculated? My numbers are not corresponding to the final rankings chart. For example, the site shows Tampa Bay having an offensive fumble rate of 2%. However, NFL shows TB having 30 Fumbles (16 lost) and 966 total offensive scrimage plays. 30/966 is 3.1%. 16 lost Fumbles divided by 966 is 1.7%. I saw on the site that said OFUM% is Fumbles/(Runs + Sacks + Completions). However, when I use that formula I am getting a fumble rate of 4% when I use all fumbles and 2.1% when I use lost fumbles only. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Brian Burke says:

    Corrected the Opponent GWP. Also re-added the 'last week' column. There were just some oddities with regard to the league week # due to the new calendar year.

  6. Ian B says:

    49ers are 8th in defense and the Lions are 5th.

    DPASS is the same. Niners have better DRUNSR%. Niners have higher DINT%. Opp GWP is the same.

    Trying to reconcile the difference in ranking. Is it that the precision of the inputs in the table is too low? Or maybe the Opponent adjustments you use are more granular than Opp GWP?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Brian can you answer Ian above, I'm interested as well.

  8. Brian Burke says:

    Opp GWP is combined offense and defense opponent strength. In the cases of SF and DET, DET has faced tougher offenses than SF has this season.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wow, my Eagles finished 4th in the rankings and are not in the playoffs. What a freakish year they had with turnovers. I believe they will bounce back well next year as long as Vick stays relatively healthy.

  10. Anonymous says:

    brian is there anyway to generate opponent adjustEd advanced stats

  11. Anonymous says:

    49ers were 2nd best on defense - just BARELY - and the first defensive team, the Steelers, got held to 3 points by the Niners who gave up 14.2 points per game this season compared to 14.1 for Pitt.

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