Team Stat Visualizations Updated

The team stat visualizations are now updated through the division round. If you're looking for analysis of recent trends for the four remaining teams, this is all you need. Use the slider bar to filter out however many weeks you like from the early half of the season, and see how the teams compare on the grid.

  • Are the Giants really winning in the past several weeks thanks to their defense?
  • Which team is the only remaining in the playoffs with both an above average offense and defense?
  • Check out just how far off their games both the Saints and Packers fell this past weekend.
  • Have the Patriots really righted their defensive ship since mid-season?
  • Which team won this past weekend despite their 3rd worst offensive output of the season?
  • How do the four remaining teams compare in terms of passing and running EPA per play, on offense and on defense?

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2 Responses to “Team Stat Visualizations Updated”

  1. Anonymous says:


    I'm the guy who asked if you're ever going to do historical GWP. The main reason I asked is because its somewhat hard to compare teams w/ really good defenses vs teams with really good offenses and determine who's better overall the way its currently set up. It would be nice to have an absolute number that takes into account both offense and defense to be able to compare teams

  2. Jim Glass says:

    We may no longer be living in an era when defense wins championships, but having no defense whatsoever doesn't help much to win them either, NO, GB and Denver can now tell you.

    In three minutes of play the Saints D gives up 165 yards to an Alex Smith offense -- looking like it coulda been 500 except they kept hitting the end zone. If I was Drew Brees I'd be ... annoyed.

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