Sunday's Numbers Have Been Crunched

Want to arm yourself with the best numbers for the MVP debate at the water cooler? Sunday's numbers are now available, advanced stat box scores, top players of the week, team stats, and season leader boards.

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6 Responses to “Sunday's Numbers Have Been Crunched”

  1. Anonymous says:

    So question for he pros: Does Flynn's performance dampen Rodgers' season in your minds? Is he still the MVP? Did Brees and Peyton purposely keep throwing after the last 2 games were well in hand in order to get a better chance at the MVP?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes. Even tough Brian linked a article which says QB´s who are highly drafted are better NFL-QB´s, he fell into his own trap.

    One or two yrs ago there was a "QB-Battle" between two writers here on ANS, which says that on per play basis lowly drafted QB´s are no worse than high drafted QB´s (btw, that´s my opinion since long too). It´s only that high drafted QB´s get more chances, thus leading to more Pro Bowls, total career yds and so on...

    To sum it up: Flynn, Yates, Bulger, Warner, Brady and so on come as no surprise to me. It´s all team effort plus the luck to start the right QB.

    As i said some weeks ago: Starting-QB´s are overrated as long you don´t have non talented QB´s on the bench (like Hanie and Palko). Hanie was demoted once before, so the Bears should have known better; Palko couldn´t even make it in the UFL & CFL!

    Karl, Germany

  3. Kos says:

    Any chance we can get analysis of the Dallas decision to punt on 4th and 13 from their own 19 when down 10 with ~5:00 left? My thinking is that they have to get a defensive stop either way, but if Dallas goes for it and misses, the Giants probably settle for a FG to go up 13, which is pretty much a good thing for Dallas. Is this decision as close as it seems to me?

  4. Jim Glass says:

    I want to hear the "Statistics don't capture what Tebow does to win" story once again.

    Tebow's 4th Q clutch-play magic yesterday during his last two drives, down by 4 points:

    Incomplete, incomplete, sacked, punt ... incomplete, incomplete, incomplete (1st down by penalty), incomplete, incomplete, 8-yard completion, intercepted, end.

  5. Jim Glass says:

    BTW, the biggest winner this weekend was Flynn. He hit the Powerball lottery.

    He's a free agent this offseason. Some team that needs a QB is going to look at this game, project it over an entire season, and up their bid for him by tens of millions.

    When he signs that contract, he'd going to owe a pretty darn nice fruit basket to his buddy Rodgers for deciding to sit out and give him this last start.

  6. Anonymous says:

    LOL Jim Glass...

    and then the certain team will find out it´s all the system plus 10 talented players around him, and the good numbers of Flynn will be crushed (especially if he signs for a team like Cassel did)

    Karl, Germany

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