Sportsman of Year?

As it turns out, I lost to LeBron James. Maybe next year.

As a consolation, Sports Illustrated was kind enough to do an in-depth article on analytics in the NFL, prominently featuring Advanced NFL Stats. Many thanks to writer Albert Chen who captured the concepts and background far better than many reporters. If you've ever wondered what the Taliban and Al Qaeda have to do with the creation of the win probability model, this article will answer your questions.

You'll have to buy it off the local news stand. It's in dead tree format only, at least  for now (unless you're a subscriber). It's the double issue with LeBron on the cover, page 124. Grab a copy before my mom buys them all.

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10 Responses to “Sportsman of Year?”

  1. Joshua Perry says:

    We've gotta get you guys to merge with wages of wins and fangraphs to create a cybermetrician supersquad

  2. Ian says:

    Congrats! Very well deserved :-)

  3. Trent says:

    Congrats Brian, you definitely deserve it. Also please don't ever merge with Wages of Wins, they are the antithesis of everything you do here -- i.e. good stats work.

  4. Ken R. says:

    Congrats. Well deserved pub!

  5. Jon M says:

    You have been an excellent protege.

  6. Long-time reader, first-time poster says:


  7. mike s says:

    Condolences on the loss to LeBron.


  8. mike s says:

    Brian, I want to write a book on this stuff and I have a lot of new ideas of my own and a spreadsheet with my own customization expected points model (for both the individual drive and expanded to model the entire game) based upon my own in depth take on efficiency stats for use of adjusting strategy to a more exploitative optimal strategy, or a balance between the two. I'd like to Collaborate with you on it if you are interested. I will get it published as ebook and get it in Amazon Kindle and others as digital copy... We could sample a paperback at another site that will publish it and distribute it for us for a commission for each book sold. I tried sending an email but didn't get a response yet... Let me know if you have any interest, otherwise I will move on and try to find someone else with a following that has an interest. If you aren't interested and could recommend someone for me to seek out to work with, that would be cool too. I can mostly provide content and getting product distributed through ebook outlets but would be looking for a partner with audience reach and prestige with a loyal following with a great way of presenting his ideas and work ethic to get it done. So... ideally.... you. :)
    Let me know I will check the comments and If I don't hear back soon I will be moving on soon as I have already written quite a bit as sort of a rough draft of many of the things I want to cover.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mike, no offense intended, but if you plan to write a book, I hope you use fewer run-on sentences in the book than you did in that post.

  10. mike says:

    lol, yes. I would be a lot more meticulous about the editing of a book than a blog comment. The book is a final product. Unlike in a book, in a blog comment I can use additional comments after it's published. Upon completion of my final draft, I would also give Brian the final say over any editing if he has any interest and if he considers working on it but decides he doesn't like my sections of writing he can back off and keep his own.

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