Pro Bowler? Really?

I know I'm piling on Brett Favre lately, but he was named to the 2009 Pro Bowl today.Did he deserve it?

Well, no. He didn't. I wouldn't be writing this if I thought he did. His rankings in various stats among the AFC's 16 top qualifying quarterbacks are:

Passer Rating: 7th
Total Yards: 7th
Yards Per Attempt: 9th
Interceptions: 1st
Int Per Attempt: 1st

The one thing Favre can claim is TD passes. He ranks 4th in TD passes, and 2nd in TDs Per Attempt. But since I'm an incurable cynic, these stats tell me he's calling his own number near the goal line!

Some might argue that Favre should go to the Pro Bowl because the Jets' resurgence in 2008 can be credited to him, but I'd disagree. Some might say, "Dude, those are just stats." But every time someone says "just stats," I hear "just facts."

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4 Responses to “Pro Bowler? Really?”

  1. j-mo says:

    You forgot one.

    Luck: 1st

  2. Brian Burke says:

    I forgot to mention that if TDs per attempt is the criteria for Pro Bowl selection, then Phillip Rivers should have been chosen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In all his Favre-ness he'll bow out of Hawaii as he as done in the past and another will go in his Favre-place. If the pro-bowl "electoral" considered this, then his Favre-ness did, in fact, create the selection.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You could dedicate an entire new research section on Pro Bowl selections and their performance.I think you would find that there are a LOT more players who dont deserve to be there,and an equally large number who DO deserve to be there who werent selected.

    You could do it once a year and make up your own "Pro Bowl" team and see who really was supposed to make it,and who got the "lifetime acheivement vote" like a lot of the veterans who have multiple selections over the years.

    The fans,coaches and players ALL have ulterior motives that come into play when they "vote" and its a complete sham for the most part.

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