The Super Bowl Champion Will Be...

The software now includes predictions through the Super Bowl. Front runners are:

Giants 23.98%
Pittsburgh 18.12%
Tennessee 17.8%
Atlanta 12.4%
Carolina 9.9%

No one else is above 5%.

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5 Responses to “The Super Bowl Champion Will Be...”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Atlanta? Wow. What a Cindarella story that would be. In case my Dolphins get eliminated before the big game, I'll root for the Falcons :-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    curious to know if these numbers stay the same after this week. NYG looked so lost, and pitt looked good (somewhat)... very interested to see if they change

  3. Anonymous says:

    It sux that my Stillers can't stop short passes; screens, flats, quick outs, and RB check downs. The weakness of our defense.

    I feel bad for Ben because he keeps trying to make plays while dodging and running for his life. If we had an offensive line we would be undefeated. Ben gets sacked atleast 5 times a game. The added pressure he gets causes improvising and sometimes he just can't make all the plays. Ben has been hit so many times that he can start a chart of injuries like in the "Mankind" biography. His arm is just not where it was before. Receiving mistakes like running the wrong route, drops(no thank god not as bad as B.Edwards), not being able to develop chemistry in practice because of his banged up injuries limiting is practice time.
    If the Steelers don't draft 2 capable NFL rookie starters on the O-Line. Ben, Fast Willie, M. Moore, R. Mendenhall, and H. Miller are going to steadily decline because of major injuries and poor blocking.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i have a feel on cardenals

  5. Anonymous says:


    I think having "a feel on cardenals" is illegal everywhere except Haiti.

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